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  1. Email Options

    Setting Addresses In Email Settings you can configure both the incoming and outgoing email address. Outgoing email address = When the Community sends an email out to a member this is the email address in the "From" field. Note that on our cloud services, the "From" field will always be noreply@invisioncloudcommunity.com but the Reply-To address will be the outgoing email address you set here. Incoming email address = Some error pages display this email so your visitors know how
  2. SEO

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ensures your community is as friendly as it can be for search engines to both index and rank properly when people search for things that match your Community focus. It is not an exact science. Opinions vary on best practices and the "rules" that search engines use change all the time. Invision Community does all the best supported and universally recognized approaches. We are always updating SEO with new releases to ensure things stay on track. Au
  3. Post Before Registering

    Invision Community allows the ability for guests to create a response to a content item they wish to engage with, without barriers of first creating an account, by allowing the user to post and then register afterwards. This will be incredibly valuable when you consider how much traffic a forum receives from inbound Google searches. With Post Before Registering, you'll increase your chances of turning that inbound lead into a registered member contributing to your site. Switching
  4. Social Media Sharing

    Share Icons You can place links to share content to other social media such as Facebook and twitter. You will see these links below any content on the site. Here is an example from a topic. Share icons   Share Permissions If you visit Sharing you will see all of the sharing sites that you can currently use.    You can disable any of these completely at any time. Simply click the "Enabled" button and this will change to "Disab
  5. Social Media Promotion

    With the advent of social media, this can provide great opportunity to promote your site to new potential members. Within the Invision Community application, we provide the tools you need to take advantage of the marketing opportunities that this can provide for you and your site. Setting up      Social Media Promotion can be set up from the following location within your Admin CP System -> Site Promotion -> Social Media Promotion You can choose to set up m
  6. Invites and Referrals

    An important part of your forum is getting new members over to your site. Your existing membership will often be a part of this, and for this reason we have given you the ability to add invite sections to your sites, in which your members can use to invite new potential members, and, if set up, gain referrals from these. Invites The ability to invite members directly from the site is done via the "Tell a friend" block. When this is added people can email other potential members
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