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Introduction to Pages


Pages is our application that is designed to allow you to build custom areas of your community. These could range from custom reusable blocks to use in your sidebar, all the way up to complex applications built using our databases feature.

Whereas our other applications provide a regimented (although customizable) front-end that's ready to use right after installation, Pages is a little different. Think of it more as a toolbox - it provides features that you use to build your own front-ends. Therefore, you need to put in some work once you start using it before you have anything to make live. This guide will cover the core concepts and features in Pages to help you get started.


Who is Pages for?

Pages has features for everyone! It has easy-to-use features like drag'n'drop page building, but under the hood, the entire IPS4 framework is available for power users to take advantage of. The wider your knowledge of HTML & PHP, the more advanced solutions you'll be able to develop, although no experience of HTML & PHP is required to get started with Pages!


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