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Changing the logo, favicon and sharer image

Themes in the IPS Community Suite offer an easy way to change three of the key images used by the software. They are:

  • Logo
    The logo image shown at the top of every page of your community
  • Favicon
    The small icon shown in the user's browser tab, and next to bookmarks in their browser
  • Sharer image
    The image Facebook pulls from your community when a user shares a link from your site. Often you'll use a larger version of your logo.

To change these items, edit the relevant theme by navigating to Customization -> Themes in the AdminCP, and clicking the edit icon next to the theme:


On the Logos tab, you'll see three upload fields where you can drag'n'drop your images. Click Save to apply them.

Note: The favicon needs to be a .ico icon file, not a standard image. It should also be small for best results, and is normally shown by browsers at 16 pixels by 16 pixels. Consider using a third-party tool such as this favicon editor to help.

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