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How to switch to Community Classic terms

In the past we sold Invision Community with the option to choose which of the various apps you wanted. This was great for purchasing flexibility but limited our ability to provide a cohesive experience. We have streamlined our offerings by combining the entire suite into a single package. Now you can really have it all at a more affordable price.

We have also increased our payment flexibility and are now offering monthly payments of rather than the 6-month renewal term. 

For full information on terms and changes, visit your license page in the client area and click the upgrade button.

If you are on a version 4 license (Invision Community Suite), you can choose to switch to the new terms or you can just do nothing and nothing will change for you. If your license reads "Invision Community Classic" then you are already on the new terms.

Upgrading your License

To upgrade your license, log into your client area, and select the option to change to the new terms. This will be found at the bottom of your main client area page

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Changing Your Terms

Clicking to change will show you the new terms for you to read through. Note, you have not accepted them at this point, so you can read through first. It will show you your own current license terms, and what your new terms would be, including the prices and dates of renewals. 

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New Terms page

Adding any applications gained

Many customers will gain applications through the switch to the new community classic terms, so you then need to add this to your community suite. In order to do this, you would do the following.

  1. Download a fresh set of files from your client area. If you are unsure on how to do this, please see the following guide which will show you how to get this.
  2. Unpack, and uploads the files. Do not delete any existing files, however please do overwrite where there are files that already exist on the server. You may find this guide helpful if you are unsure on this
  3. Log into your admin CP, and visit "System>Site Features>Applications". From here you will see that you can install your new application, using the install button provided. For example here, we will install the gallery application, using the + icon shown.
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    Installing an Application

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