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Server Management

  1. Moving to another server / server transfer

    Moving your site to another server / Server Transfer is a relatively simple task with regards to the way in which your software works. In order to do this, you would follow the process below. Step 1 - Your old hosting Switch your site offline ready for transfer to your new server Make a full backup of your database. Make a full backup of your files and folders. Step 2 - Your new hosting Create a new database Restore your backup from the above steps to t
  2. Improving performance

    This guide has been put together to give a general direction on how to improve the performance of your site on a self-hosted environment. However, while we make continuous performance improvements at a software level with each release, most issues such as this are the result of an underperforming, overloaded or misconfigured server. As a software manufacturer, our ability to troubleshoot this is limited and your host has the best tools and access to the most resources to troubleshoot the is
  3. Configuring Amazon S3

    S3 is a reliable, scalable cloud storage service provided by googles AWS platform. Using AWS, for some, may be a cost effective and faster way to store data outside of your usual hosting environment. The following guide shows how to set up S3, alongside your Invision Community setup. Note that this guide is correct at the time of writing, and screens may vary from time to time on the AWS console. If you have not set one up already, please first of all ensure you have created an amazon AWS a
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