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License Keys & URLs

Applies to self-hosted customers only

This guide on changing of URL, is related to self hosted customers. If you have your own domain, and you are looking to use this on our cloud platform, please see the following guide


Licensed URLs

Before we continue through this guide, a brief explanation of how URLs work may be beneficial. Each license entitles you to installation on one URL only. On installation of the platform, your licensed URL is set, and will show within your client area, next to your license.



In addition to the main live URL, you are allowed also one test instance. Your test instance should use the same license key, but suffixed with  -TESTINSTALL . For example if your license key is 000-0000-000 then your test key would be 000-0000-000-TESTINSTALL.

IMPORTANT:-  Test installations must be protected by htpasswd protection, and must not be accessible to the public.

Installation change

First of all, we need to change the URL on the installation itself. To do this, you simply do the following

  1. Open your conf_global.php file, which can be found at the root of your installation. Here you need to change any references to your URL, to show the new URL
  2. Log into your admin control panel and run through the support tools by visiting System>Support>Support, and selecting "something isnt working correctly". You will need to select next only until it states cache has been cleared.

Client Area change

Once this has been done, log into the client area, and select "Manage this Purchase".



Scroll to the "Licensed URLs" section and click on "Change URL". This will wipe the URL on your license, allowing the new URL to be picked up automatically from your install again.


Change URL Option

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