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Promoting Members

There are often rules on sites in which people will use to promote members to another group. For example, you may have a rule on your site which states when a member reaches a 1000 posts, you would add them to an advanced member group.

Within the Invision Community platform, you can do this automatically, based on rules which you provide to the system.

Group Promotion Rules

You would set up group promotion rules within the following area of the ACP

Members -> Members -> Group Promotions

From here you can add any number of criteria in which to use for promoting members. For example, I may wish to move members who have done 1000 posts . Whilst that example is quite simple, you can see from the options available, you can set up some quite complex options, should you wish to do so.


Promotion Criteria

Once your given criteria is reached, you can then move the users group, or add/remove secondary groups


Promotion Action


The rules you set up within the group promotions area apply to all members, other than the following:

  • If a member meets the criteria for more than one rule, the last shown in the list will be used. For example, if you have a rule to promote members after they have made 10 posts, and another after 100 posts, you should make sure the 100 post rule is below the 10 post rule in this list. 
  • If a member purchases a product which moves them into a group, these rules will not apply to them.
  • Users who are in a group which has been set up to be excluded from group promotions, would not be promoted automatically by the system.

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