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The time utility provides methods for working with timestamps.



string readable( number timestamp )

Returns the time as an approximate relative string, e.g. 8 hours ago, 2 days ago, Just now.

  • timestamp
    UNIX timestamp to use to generate the time string


boolean isDST()

Determines whether the user is currently in daylight savings (DST).


boolean isValidDateObj( mixed date )

Determines whether the provided date is a valid javascript Date object.

  • date
    The object to check


number timestamp()

Returns the current UNIX timestamp


string localeDateString( Date date, object options )

Returns a locale-aware string representing the provided date object. The options parameter can be used to adjust the formatting on browsers that support it. See MDN.

  • date
    A Date object used as the source
  • options
    Options object passed into javascript's toLocaleDateString function. See MDN for supported values.


boolean supportsHTMLDate()

Determines whether the HTML5 type='date' input is supported in the current browser.

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