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The first thing you will need to set up within downloads are your categories. You can set these up from the following location in your admin control panel.



Once you are here, you will see a screen similar to the below image. To create a new category, simply select the "Create new" button. You can also create sub categories to existing categories if you wish by selecting the + icon next to any existing category.


Category List


Once selected, you can give the new category a name, and you will see various settings that can be altered to your liking depending on what you are trying to achieve on your site.


Category Settings


Submission Options

On the submissions tab, you can limit what is allowed to be submitted to the category by filetype and size, along with allow for versioning of uploads. You will note that we actually use versioning on our own Marketplace using downloads ourselves. 


It can be useful to limit allowed extensions on categories. For example if you have a category for ebooks, you know that an ebook is not likely to be an exe file, and you will likely have a predefined list of file extensions they use, such as epub, pdf etc. This then helps with moderation of the sections by ensuring incorrect files are not submitted in an incorrect location in the first place.



Submissions 1

In the same section, you can set up whether files must be approved, whether screenshots are needed or allowed, and various other limits on people submissions.


Submissions 2


Error Messages

Within the error messages tab, you can customise what a user will see if they have no permissions to download or view the files within a category. 

Adding custom error messages can be useful if you require a subscription of download certain items. You can then tell them about your subscriptions within the message itself, and inform your members how to gain access.


Error Messages

Forum Submission

In addition to other settings, you can have the system automatically create a topic in a forum of your choosing upon submission. This is used in our marketplace to create support topics for individual files.



Forum Topics


Once you have created the categories that you wish to have on your downloads system, you will want to set up permissions for these. If you select the dropdown at the side of any category, you will see a permissions button which will take you to the permissions screen for that category.


Permissions Link

This will then allow you to select the permissions required on each of your user groups.


Permission Matrix


Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 12.08.46.png

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 12.09.18.png

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