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Other Resources

Often there will be resources you wish to use within pages, pages templates, or theme templates, such as images, fonts and more. While you could upload these via ftp to somewhere on your server, or another server, with the pages application Invision Community 4 provides a way in which you can upload these directly from your admin CP.

Media Manager

The Media Manager can be found in the following location within your ACP

Pages->Page Management->Media


Page Management->Media

From here you can upload new items using the button provided. This can be files of any type that you wish to use within your templates or pages. In addition, you will notice in the top left you can create folders for these, in order to categories as needed.

Using Media Tags

Once you have your media uploaded, if you click on any of your resources you will see the info panel open on the left. This shows the media tag for that resource, which can be used to point to that resource in any location of your templates or pages.


Info Panel

You can use these in any way that you need. For example here I have added an image to the top of the Category Index within the default database templates as follows

<img src="{media="1"}" />




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