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Categories and Forums

The first thing you are going to want to do in the Forums app is create the overall structure of your discussion areas. You can create categories, forums, and any number of sub-forums or sub-categories.


Before you begin, it is important to know the difference in the various types available.

Categories - Containers in which you would place forums. Every forum must be within a category of some description. 

Discussions - A forum built for classic topics

Questions - A question and answer type forum, where users can vote up/down the answers to those questions

Redirect - This would place a link in place of a forum location, which can link to any location of your choosing.



You can set up your forums and categories from the following location in your AdminCP



Forum Listing Example

You can edit any forum by selecting the pencil icon at the side, or select "Create New" to create a new forum or category.

When editing or creating a forum, you will need to provide a name, along with the type discussed above. There are then various other tabs where you can customise to your liking, such as adding forum rules, enabling star ratings, adding post requirements and more.


Create / Edit

Forums in the forum listing can be reordered by dragging and dropping



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