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  1. Global Forum Settings

    There are a few settings in the AdminCP under the Forums app you may want to review. These are global settings that apply to all member groups. Each of these sections are discussed below, along with what each setting is for General forum settings The first of these are forum settings. So anything which affects the forum view outside of the topic itself.  RSS feeds enable a feed option for members to subscribe to get updates on activity in your forums. 
  2. Archiving (On-Premises)

    Under the Settings area for Forums you will find an Archiving option. If you have a very large site, it can be beneficial to reduce the size of the database table storing posts. Archiving topics is an alternative to deleting which allows them to still exist and be viewed as normal, but moves them to a separate database table. Some example options: Archiving Options Archived topics cannot be posted in or edited, and will not show in search results. You can unarchive topics
  3. Widget Options

    The Forums app contains several special widgets that can be placed in the header, footer, or sidebar. Available Widgets The popular now widget references the popular settings option in the Forums app. The topic and post feed widget are particularly powerful as they let you create a customizable feed of forum activity anywhere you might like to place it on the Suite. You can place these widgets on any area of the Suite - not just the Forums app. So you might choose to
  4. General Posting Control

    In the AdminCP under Settings you will find the Posting section which is another one of the more important settings areas as these options control how your members post content throughout your Suite. These are your general settings and individual apps can override these settings depending on their specific feature set. It's a good place to spend some time thinking about how you want things to look and work on your community. General Allow remote images = You can completely disa
  5. Categories and Forums

    The first thing you are going to want to do in the Forums app is create the overall structure of your discussion areas. You can create categories, forums, and any number of sub-forums or sub-categories. Types Before you begin, it is important to know the difference in the various types available. Categories - Containers in which you would place forums. Every forum must be within a category of some description.  Discussions - A forum built for classic topics Quest
  6. Forum Specific Settings

    Within each forum in the AdminCP, there are settings you can set up specific to that forum. These are in terms of what the forum is, how the forum looks, and how the forum can be used.   Forum Settings These are the most basic settings for a forum. Here is where you will set up the name and description of your forum, along with the basic characteristics of the forum itself. In addition to the name and description, there are the following sections that can be used
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