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Several years ago, we added a Release Notes section to our community, designed to keep customers up to date on past and future releases of the IPS Community Suite. 

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Complete Release Notes

Many have asked what we used to create the new section, and as you might expect, the answer is our own Pages app, part of the IPS Community Suite. While everything in the new section was built using standard Pages features, some of the techniques aren't things you'll see in the default templates we ship with the app, which are deliberately designed to be basic and a starting point.

The point of this tutorial, therefore, is to cover how we built the Release Notes section, and go over some of those more advanced features and techniques. The aim is that you can take the same ideas and apply them to your own Pages websites.

Who is this tutorial for?

We are assuming that you have a reasonable understanding of PHP, HTML and some simple Javascript. Building the Release Notes section involves modifying templates, so you will be working with code. We will, however, cover the features in Pages that are used to build the section, so you don't need to be a Pages expert.

Treat this as a learning process - we built the Release Notes section for our own use, so we only went as far with it as needed. You may want to go further and polish it more for your own use.

Let's get started.

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