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Viewing and Reusing Attachments

Within the IPS4 Community suite, you will be adding attachments within posts, blogs, and many more areas. These items are stored within your own attachment area, and can be reused throughout the site.

My Attachments

By clicking on your name and selecting "My Attachments" you can view a list of these. This will let you know where these documents are attached if you need to find then and you can also download these direct from the page.


My Attachments

Your users can also see their current attachment quota, if you have set up any limitations for their group.

Reusing Attachments

Attachments, and other items such as gallery images, calendar entries and more, can be reused when posting. To do this, select the 'Other Media>Insert Existing Attachment' button at the bottom of the editor


Insert Existing Button

Selecting this option will show you all the items you have inserted on the site, so you can select any you wish to use in the current post or topic


Insert Existing Attachment

Administrating Files

Within the admin CP, you also have a similar area for all files that have been attached throughout the site. You can access this by visiting the following area:


From here you can do the same as you can on the front end of the site, but for all files. You can also remove these from the system completely if you need to do so.


Admin Files


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