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Member Functions

  1. Profiles and Profile Settings

    There are various other settings for member profiles within the suite, which can be set up by the administrator, to better suite the needs of any particular site. These settings can be found within the following location of the ACP. Members -> Member Settings -> Profiles -> Profile Settings Profile settings From this location, you can switch on/off various items, and set defaults relating to peoples profiles upon registration. Profile Settings Pag
  2. Achievements & Ranks

    Gamification can be a powerful way in which you can encourage your members to provide content on your community. Invision community provides this by giving you, the admin, the ability to give award points and badges, based on conditional rules. Below is an example of these, where achievements have been gained by Matt, on our own community here at invision Achievements on Profile Achievement Rules Achievement rules can be set up so that on certain conditi
  3. Profile Completion

    Completing forms can be a tedious job for anyone, however an important area when capturing data for your members. Filling in a large form to register on a site can be somewhat of a turn off to potential members. Invision Community Suite provides the facility for you to get your members signed up quickly, whilst also giving you the ability to capture any data that you need, by way of profile completion tasks. What is it? Profile completion allows potential members to sign up to
  4. Account settings

    By selecting your name and then notification settings on the front end of your site, your users will be presented with a screen similar to the below where they can change various settings related to their account as seen and illustrated in the image below. Account Settings   Overview On the overview page you will see the accounts you are connected to such as facebook, google+ and more, along with links to the other settings in which you can access from t
  5. Sending/Receiving messages

    Sending messages between members in IPS4 is a simple but powerful tool you can use to communicate with your members (or they can communicate with each other) away from your community.  When receiving a message, you will see a number appear next to your inbox icon showing the number of unread messages that you have. This would be similar to the image below. Message Notification Sending/Receiving Clicking on the notification icon will show you the messages
  6. Viewing and Reusing Attachments

    Within the IPS4 Community suite, you will be adding attachments within posts, blogs, and many more areas. These items are stored within your own attachment area, and can be reused throughout the site. My Attachments By clicking on your name and selecting "My Attachments" you can view a list of these. This will let you know where these documents are attached if you need to find then and you can also download these direct from the page. My Attachments Your users
  7. Reputation and Reactions

    Reputation & Reactions are an important part of communities across the internet. IPS Community Suite gives you the flexibility to set these up in a way which is suites your own community needs.   Basic Settings Reputation settings can be managed in the following location in your ACP Members -> Member Settings -> Reputation & Reactions From the basic settings screen, you can set up various overall settings, related to how reputation and reactions wor
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