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Task Methods

Within the IPS Community Suite, there are several routine maintenance tasks, which need to be performed at regular intervals. You can see these by looking in the following location of your AdminCP.

System->Settings->Advanced Configuration

Here you will see a "View Tasks" button just below the task method selection.


As you can see, various tasks are run at different intervals, and are important to keeping your site running as designed. Items such as sending out digest emails, updating your leaderboard, and general cleanup tasks, are all tended to through this system.

Tasks can be run in one of 3 ways. This can be set within System->Settings->Advanced Configuration, each of which are described below.

Applies to cloud customers only

If you are running on the cloud platform, the way in which tasks are run is taken care of automatically by our cloud team. Therefore the changing of methods is not something you need to worry about.

Run with Traffic

This is the default option within the IPS Community Suite, when your product is installed. 

The system will automatically run tasks as members browse the site. This is fine for most sites, but if your site does not receive much member traffic, tasks could become backlogged. Tasks will only be triggered by regular members, not guests. If it looks like a backlog is being generated, an error will display on the AdminCP dashboard.


Traffic warning

If this message is seen, then you would need to look at one of the below 2 methods, should it continue to occur.


The Cron option is our recommend option. Cron is a task service which is available on most web servers. You may be able to set these up yourself, or may need to speak to your hosting company to set these up for you. If you are unsure you should contact your hosting company. When selecting this option, you will be shown what command to run. This must be run once per minute, and should be run in full, including the alphanumeric key,


Cron Setup

Web Service

While unusual, there are some hosting companies which will not allow for the use of cron jobs. In these circumstances, if you cannot run automatically with traffic, you can use a web service such as EasyCron to remotely trigger these tasks.

Once you have an EasyCron Account, add the URL given in the description of that setting


Web Service Setup

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