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Many people will want to add their own gallery categories with the gallery, in order to correctly structure your website in the you wish. Categorisation within the gallery system is simple to achieve directly from your administration panel in IPS 4.


Creating Categories

If you visit the following area within your admin CP you will see a list of the present categories. 



Category Listing

Selecting the dropdown at the side of any category will give you more options including the ability to customise permissions for access and uploading to that category.


Dropdown Showing Options

Clicking on the + at the side of any existing category will allow you to add a sub category. To add a new main category you can click on the "Create New" button provided.


Category Options

On creation of a category, you will then be provided with a variety of options you can set up, including the setup of comments, ratings, allowing albums and more.


New Category Creation

The rules tab allows you to set rules which will be visible to the user when uploading images.



Category Specific Rules

You can also customize the error message that is received when a user cannot view images within that category. This can be handy if you have other user groups who can access the system in which people need to gain access. For example when using subscriptions.



Category Specific Errors



Once you have created the categories that you wish to have in your gallery, you will want to set up permissions for these. If you select the dropdown at the side of any category, you will see a permissions button which will take you to the permissions screen for that category.



Select Dropdown to Access Permissions

Once selected, you will be able to select  the required permissions for each one of your groups, for that category.



Category Permissions


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