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OAuth 2.0

While the Invision Community suite allows for many popular login systems such as facebook, google, twitter and more, there will be times you need to integrate with another platform which is not on the list by default. If the system in which you wish to connect to supports OAuth 2.0, then you can integrate simply by adding the relevant details into your AdminCP.


Setting Up     

In order to set up set up a new OAuth 2.0 login, you would simply visit the following area within your AdminCP.

System -> Settings -> Login & Registration -> Method

From here, select the "Create new", the "Other OAuth 2.0" Selection, and click continue.


OAuth 2.0 Settings

From here you would need to enter your preferences such as name, color of buttons, icons etc. Along with the relevant application settings which have been provided by your OAuth 2.0 provider.

  • Basic Settings - Here are your most basic setting such as the name of the login method and what you would like for it to do.
  • Application Settings - This is the OAuth 2.0 application settings provided by your OAuth provider.
  • Appearance Settings - These relate to the way the button looks, which is used for logging in. You can choose the text to use, color, and logo.
  • Account Management - These are preferences related to how logins act when it encounters things such as display names changing, emails changing, and whether or not to show the login method within your members account settings.

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