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Adding Extra Fields

Within the download area on your site, you may find that there is additional information you wish for people to be able to enter on their downloadable items. For example, you may have an area where people produce their own applications and need to add co-authors or version numbers. The downloads application allows to to achieve this by adding extra fields. These can then be used per category.

Adding Extra Fields

To add some extra fields, you will need to visit the following area in your admin CP.

Community>Downloads>Extra Fields

Once you are in this area, you will see a list of any existing extra fields. You can create a new on by selecting "Create New"



Extra Field Setup

You can then fill in the details for your new field, including the field type. As an example below I have added one of field type "Member" which will allow the user to select a members name for the co-author of their application. 



Adding an Extra Field

Displaying Fields

You will note that within the setup, you can set where you would like this to display within the download item. Currently you can choose for this to show in the download item sidebar, just below the description of the item, or in a separate tab entirely.

Display format for topics can be set using HTML. For example the following would show the field name in bold, a colon, and then the value the user has entered

<strong>{title}:</strong> {content}

These will be updated whenever the main download item is updated.

Adding To a Category

Once you have set up extra items, you can choose which categories they show in, by selecting that item to be used on that particular category setup page. So below you will see I have selected for the Co-Author field to be available within my "Files" Category.


Adding to a category


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