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What is Pixabay?

Pixabay is a stock image site with over a million images, which require no attribution and are not hampered by the usual copyright issues. We have integrated this, using their API, into many areas of the suite, so you can add these at the click of a button.

Where can I use this?

Pixabay integration can be used in any location that you can upload, provided you have permissions set to do so within your group permissions. This includes (but not restricted to) the following:

  • Within content items such as posts/topics
  • As cover images for profiles and blogs
  • Selecting logos or header within forum setup screens in the ACP

The following short video shows an example of its use in action


How is this added to my site?

This can be added from the "Community Enhancements" area of your ACP, by visiting the following location

System -> Site Features -> Community Enhancements

Select "Enable" under the Pixabay option in this area, and then select "Create a new key". This will take you to the pixabay site where you need to create a new account (or login if you have an account already).

Once logged in, you will see the key you need to enter into your ACP on the documentations page. Add this, choose which groups you wish to be able to use stock photos, and then save.


API Key Location

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