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Terms and Privacy

In a world where personal information is high on the agenda, and policies on your site are every more prevalent in our daily internet lives, it is important that you have the ability to add the key information to your site that is required in some countries, and indeed by many 3rd party integrations. 

Invision Community Suite aims to provide you with the tools necessary for you to manage these with relative ease, so you can get on with the day to day running of your site.



You can add guidelines on how you wish people to use your site within the following area of the ACP 

System -> Settings -> Terms & Privacy Policy

This allows you to add test which will automatically be added to the guidelines page of your site, directly into an editor. Alternatively you can switch these off entirely if you choose, or link them to a page in an entirely different location


Guidelines Setup

Once you have added your guidelines, you can add a link to this, by linking to the built in guidelines option within your Menu Manager

Privacy Policy

Having a good privacy policy set up on your site, is not only important to many, but also required by many 3rd party integrations. Setting up items such as facebook and twitter logins for example, will both ask you to ensure you provide a link to your privacy policy.

In order to set up a privacy policy, you would visit the following area in your admin CP. 


Privacy Policy Setup

Here you can provide all your privacy policy information, or a link to an external privacy policy, in a similar manner to that of the terms section discussed above. You will also note there is a switch to add third party information, which is discussed in the next section.

Your privacy policy link will be shown in the footer of your site, and will also require acceptance on registration by your members

If at any point you change your privacy policy, or registration terms, you will be asked if you would like to force your existing members to accept the changes. This ensures that all your members are kept up to date with this information.


New Policy Acceptance

Third Party Information

There may well be 3rd party items that you have are used by your site, such as recaptcha, the spam defense service, google maps and more. Each of these may use information such as email addresses, IP addresses, and cookies. It is important that this information can be easily added to your own privacy policy on your site. 

Selecting the "Add third party information" checkbox beneath the privacy policy setup, will automatically add the information from services in which you add to the site. You can see an example of this in the image below


Third Party Information

Registration Terms & Rules

You can add guidelines on how you wish people to use your site within the following area of the ACP 

System -> Settings -> Terms & Privacy Policy

These will show to the user on registration to your site, and have to be accepted in order to register. As with the above items, these can be typed in, linked to an external site, or excluded entirely if you wish to do so.


Rules Setup

This includes some default text which will be applicable to most sites, which you can then edit to your liking.

Guest Options

In the guest options setting of the following location, you can set up a terms of service confirmation bar, when guests are viewing your site. You will have seen these already on many sites you visit, with regards to accepting cookies.

System -> Settings -> Terms & Privacy Policy -> Guest Options

Here you can set up what you wish to show on your guest bar. You will also see below this that there are some placeholders you can add, such as {cookies} and {terms}. These will prepopulate some text with information on each


Guest Bar Setup

On the above I have added {cookies}, which displays information to guests about the sites use of cookies, with relevant links. You can see this in the image below


Guest Information Bar

Other Options

Bulk Mail Opt In

In some areas, most notably the EU, it is important that your members are asked to opt into emails, rather than automatically having a checkbox selected for them. You can set whether this setting is automatically opt in, or opt out, in the following location in your ACP

Members -> Member Settings ->Notifications >Newsletter


Opt 'In' or 'Out' by default

In addition to this, we have provided an easy way for your users to then sign up to your newsletters at a later point in time, should they decide not to opt for them to begin with. This is done by adding the 'Newsletter Signup' block from the system section of your block manager


Newsletter Signup

Removing IP Addresses

IP Addresses are an important part of how the internet functions, and are stored each time a member posts on your site alongside the content. By default these are stored indefinitely. If however you wish for these to be periodically removed, you can do this in the following location.

System -> Settings -> Posting -> Content


Automatic IP Removal

Personal Information Requests

There will occasionally be requests from your members to provide any personally identifiable information which is stored on their account. This can be done very easily from the members account within the ACP.

Members -> Members -> {Name Of Member}

Select account functions, and then select to download personal information


Personal Information Download

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