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Setting up your menu

Invision Community Suite allows you to easily change the top-level menus on your site, to suit your own needs. Whether these be internal links, external links, dropdown menus, or sub menu items, the menu manager makes these simple and quick to set up.


Menu Manager

The Menu Manager can be found within your ACP in the following location
System -> Site Features -> Menu Manager 
This allows you to fully control the top-level menu of your community.


Menu Manager

You can create one or two-levels of menu items and all menu items can have drop down menus as well. Menu items available include:

  • custom link = link to any URL you want
  • special Suite areas = specific apps are special app functions
  • activity streams = access to a specific activity stream
  • Pages = link to any page you create in the Pages app


All menu items support full permissions. You can either set them to honor the permissions of the item they're linking to or set custom permissions, by selecting the groups you would like to see the menu item.



If you do not set any second-level menu items then that bar will automatically hide and only the top tabs will show.


Example Use

Below are a few examples of how to use the system to change things around to your liking, showing each item in turn

Moving an Item

Moving an item within the menu manager is as simple as drag and drop. You can drag items into and out of other menu items, to create sub menus.



Adding an Item

To add a new item to the menu, you select the "Add Item" button and select a menu type. What menu types show will depend on what you already have added, and what applications you have installed. You may even have 3rd party items that will add their own menu items. 

You will see in the video below, that depending on what you select, there will be different items available to you. For example, you can create a menu link to an external page if you wish by supplying a URL. Or select the pages application, and select an internal page.


Adding an Item

Previewing Changes

When making changes on the menu, you can see an instant preview of what these changes will look like, by expanding the "Live Preview" option at the bottom of the page


Previewing Changes

Restoring Defaults

If at any point you decide you would like to restore the menu to its original defaults, so you can start again with your menu, you can do this by selecting the "Restore Default Configuration" button in the top right of the page


Restore Defaults

Secondary Menu Removal

The platform by default has 2 levels of menu. A primary and a secondary menu. If you decide you wish to have only a single menu, you can achieve this by ensuring you have no second level items, as shown below


Removing Secondary


Once you have made any changes to your menu, and you are happy with them, you must ensure that you publish your menu.



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