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Facebook Pixel

What is Facebook pixel?

The Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions people take on your website. You can use pixel data to:

  • Make sure your ads are being shown to the right people
  • Build advertising audiences
  • Unlock additional Facebook advertising tools

The Invision Community platform allows you to set up facebook pixel, by simply adding your pixel ID into the platform.


Pixel Stats

Getting your Pixel ID

In order to integrate your facebook pixel, you must first create one on the facebook business site.

Once logged in, you can create a pixel by selecting "Get Started" as shown in the image below


Getting Started

You will then be asked to create a name for your Pixel, along with giving your sites URL


Add your name and URL here

As you are using the Invision Community platform, the next step in creation is not needed. We have added the integration to the software already, so you need only your pixel ID in order to continue here. Therefore we will simply close this screen.


Integration is already done

You will now see  that you have a pixel ID in the top left of your screen, you will need to copy this, as this is what you will need to get started on setting up in the Invision Community platform.


Copy your pixel ID

Adding Pixel to your site

Now you have your Pixel ID, you can add facebook pixel to your Invision Community site. To do this, visit the following area within your admin CP

System -> Site Features -> Community Enhancements

Once here, select the "Enable" button under Facebook Pixel.  You will then be shown the following where you need to enter your pixel ID and select 'Enable. You can also set a delay if needed, which can avoid re-targeting bouncing users, by adding a delay before the pixel loads.


Integrating your pixel

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