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Profile Completion

Completing forms can be a tedious job for anyone, however an important area when capturing data for your members. Filling in a large form to register on a site can be somewhat of a turn off to potential members. Invision Community Suite provides the facility for you to get your members signed up quickly, whilst also giving you the ability to capture any data that you need, by way of profile completion tasks.

What is it?

Profile completion allows potential members to sign up to your site, filling in the minimal amount of data necessary for registration on your site. It will capture only the display name, email, and password details. Any other information you need to capture from the user can then be prompted to be entered after the member has already registered, by way of 'Profile Completion'. These can be either optional, or mandatory items. So you can prevent people from using the site if you require information prior to use.


Quick Registration

Setting up

Before setting up any profile completion sections, you need to ensure that you are using the 'Quick Registration' form. You can switch to this from the following location in your ACP

System -> Settings -> Login & Registration -> Registration

Once you have done this, you can create new profile completion steps from your custom profile fields. If you have not yet created the profile fields that you need, we would recommend taking a look at our custom profile fields guide before continuing. 

Profile completion steps are set up from the following location within your ACP

 Members -> Member Setting -> Profiles -> Profile Completion

Clicking to 'Create New' will allow you to create a profile completion step. Each step can contain one of more profile items to be completed by the user on that step, and can also be stated to be required or not. The below example creates a simple profile completion step asking the user to tell you a little more about themselves.


Profile Completion ACP

You can set up as many of these steps as you would like the user to be shown on the front end. These will then be shown one per page to the user in the profile completion section.

Additionally, as of version 4.4, you can create WYSIWYG items to appear in the profile completion section, via the "Custom Message".


Custom Message

User Side

When there are items left to fill in on a users profile, the profile completion bar will be shown to that user, along with the percentage they have currently completed. This bar is dismissible by the user if they wish, in which case they would then need to complete any profile items from the profile itself. They can click on "Complete my profile" to continue to the next step shown, and complete each item.


Profile Completion Bar

Mandatory fields

You will notice on the 'Complete my profile' section that there is a 'Skip this step' button at the bottom. This will only be displayed if the items are not required to be completed by the user. If there are any steps which are required, they will not have this selection, and the profile completion screen will always show until the required information is completed.

The screenshot below shows that you are currently on a non-mandatory step which can be skipped. However step 2 is mandatory and has not yet been completed. Therefor you will notice there are no menu items that the user can select, and they see nothing on the site other than the profile completion section until they have populated any required elements.


Profile Completion


Custom Message

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