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Custom Profile Fields

In any community there will always be information you want to capture about your members which is not provided within the core product. In IPS Community Suite you can set up as many of these as you like, and group them accordingly. If you visit the following location within your admin CP you will be presented with the following screen for setting up these fields.

Setting up profile fields


Clicking on the Create New button in the top right will allow you to set up a new group like you can see above with the Personal Information section, you can then select the + at the side of these groups to add new fields.


Here we will set up a new group named hobbies where we will allow the user to enter various pieces of information about their hobbies and interests.

Clicking to add a new field will show you the following screen. You will see I have selected text as the field type on this occasion which will let a user enter information into a text box. 


You can see there are many settings you can use here such as setting up a maximum length and even using Regular Expressions to validate the data that is entered.


In addition you can set up where the information is shown, how it is shown, and its behavour with regards to being filled in. Do you want this to be edited once it is filled in? No? Not a problem, just de-select the "Member can edit value" and it will only allow this to be entered once.

Important to note on the screenshot above is the "Display Format" section. This is where you can enter HTML along with the placeholders provided to display the information in any manor that you choose. This is how they will then be displayed in various areas of the site such as in posts and in the members profile.


There are many different types of field for you to choose from. Everything from simple text, to colour pickers and member selection you will find within that list. Above as another example I have chosen a select box to give my members a predefined list to choose from.


The front end

You will see once you have set up your profile fields the members can then add the information from within their profiles.


Depending on the setup of your profile fields, these can also be searched using the member search form on your site


And of course, they will show up in various areas of the site, using the formatting in which you have set to your own liking.


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