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Controlling file and folder permissions

When the IPS Community Suite creates new files and folders, by default it uses the following permissions or "chmod" mask:

  • Folders that the software will write to: 0777
  • Folders that the software will not write to: 0755
  • Files that the software may overwrite: 0666
  • Files that the software will not overwrite: 0644

While these permissions work in most environments, you may find that the permissions are not appropriate in your particular hosting environment. You have the ability to override these options if necessary.


Only your webhost can advise you as to what the most appropriate permissions are in your hosting environment. If you believe file and folder permissions are not being set appropriately, please contact your host to inquire as to the best values to use in your hosting environment.

To override the default permission levels used, you must create (or modify) the constants.php file in your Community Suite root directory, and then add the following lines, adjusting the masks accordingly.

/* Folders that will be written to later */
define( 'IPS_FOLDER_PERMISSION', 0777 );

/* Folders that will be created and not written to later */

/* Files that will be written, and then later deleted or overwritten */
define( 'IPS_FILE_PERMISSION', 0666 );

/* Files that will be written once, and would not later be updated or deleted */
define( 'FILE_PERMISSION_NO_WRITE', 0644 );


Be advised that the values defined are in octal notation and the leading 0 is required. Additionally, these should be defined as you see above without enclosing the values in quotes.

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