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Google Analytics - GA4

Google Analytics are a way of tracking and reporting website traffic on your site. We offer the ability to integrate your google analytics 4 (GA4) directly into your site by simply entering the code given into your adminCP.

Setting up google analytics

In order to set up google analytics, we first need to visit the google analytics page and sign in (creating an account if needed)


Once signed in, you are given the following page. Click this to get started

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Analytics Welcome Screen

Once selected, we need to enter an account name. It doesnt matter what that is, as its just for yourself. We will use IPS test here, just to get started. I have chosen the default options for the checkbox items, which I would suggest for you also, unless you know specifically what you wish to change

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Account Details

We are next asked to create a property for our analytics. A property is an item which will hold the measurement data for your website. Choose a name, along with adjusting the timezone and currency accordingly.

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Property Details

Add your business details as described, and click next

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Business Details

You will then choose your business objective. I have chosen to get baseline reports in the test here, but you can choose which is most appropriate for your business

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Business Objectives

Once you then click on create, you will be asked to read and agree to googles terms and conditions. When you have done this, you will be taken to the "Data collection" section, where you will select "Web" as the platform

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Data Collection Location

You need to add your website URL and a stream name from here. You will see what is currently being measured, but you can add other measurement items using the settings icon, should you wish to do so

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Web Stream Settings

You will now be given your google tag code, which we will need for setting this up on your IPS platform.

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Google Tag Code

Adding to your IPS Platform

Adding google analytics into your IPS platform is simple. All you need to do is to visit the following location and click enable on "Google Analytics"


Enter the code you were given in the previous section, and ensure you select to enable. Then save

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Adding to the ACP

You should now be able to see your analytics being collected and be able to view them at the following location, once it's collected some data



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