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Adding the database to the page

How to add

We now have our page ready, and the database created (albeit completely default and without any customization yet!). The next thing we'll do is add the database to the page. Since we created page as a Page Builder page, we can do this just by dragging and dropping.

To open the page builder, first go to the page listing in the AdminCP, at Pages -> Pages. Click the magic wand icon to the right of your recipes page:



Pages Listing

This will take you to your community, with the sidebar manager ready to use. Open the Pages category, and drag the Database widget into the middle widget area on the page:


Block Manager

You can then click the Edit button on the widget to select the Recipes database:


Select Database

That's it! Click Finish Editing on the sidebar manager, and you'll now see your (empty) database on the page.



Recipe Front End

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