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Content tags and prefixes

Tagging and Prefixing content is a quick and easy way to categorise and highlight the content of content within your site. Users can then use these to quickly filter by similar tags or prefixes.

Tagging Content

Tagging when creating content can be done by entering comma separated values into the tag box. The system will check for tags which have been used previously, and automatically suggest these as you type. 

Once you have added your tags, you can choose one of these items to be a title prefix should you wish to do so, as seen below.



Once tags are created, they can be seen within the topic list or indeed on the item of content itself. Clicking on any of these will do a search for other items with the same tab or prefix


Tags are clickable for quick searching

Tag Setup

The setup for tags and prefixes can be found within the following location of your ACP

System -> Settings -> Posting 

Clicking on the tags tab you will see many options which you can change to restrict the use of tags and prefixes to a predefined set, set minimum and maximum lengths and more.


Tag Settings


Restricting use

You can also restrict whether or not tags and prefixes can be used within a forum or by a particular member group, by editing the appropriate forums/groups.



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