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Courses & Lessons

If you're here, you will want to know about our courses, and all it has to offer within the Invision platform.

Courses is a lightweight learning platform, that will allow you to provide a simple learning experience for your users. Helping to deliver training, digest important information, and validation of that retained information by the use of quizzes.

Creating and Settings

Courses and related global settings are set up from the your AdminCP at the following location


There are 3 submenus, which I will give a brief overview of, before we begin to create a course

  • Courses - This is where we would create a course and view/manage any courses that have already been created.
  • Settings - There are settings relating to views, and quizzes here, along with the ability to allow paid courses to be set up on the system
  • Enrollments - This will allow you to quickly see who is enrolled in which courses on your system.

To create a course, go to the courses section and select "Create new". On this guide, we are going to create a small course on rules for our fictional school

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You will notice I have selected this to be a required course. Doing this will mean members cannot complete another course, before they have completed this one.

When created, you are taken back to the course list. Note from here, you can click to go to the course, and manually enroll people if you wish to do so

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Modules, Lessons & Quizzes

Once you have created a course, you can head over to the front end of your site to add modules and lessons. You can select the view icon in the admin CP to take you straight there if needed.At the bottom of the page, you can select course manager to add and arrange modules on the course

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Once you have added all the modules needed, if you visit a module, you will see you can then add a lesson to that module. Lessons are as simple to add as adding a topic on the community. So you can add whatever you need to them, such as videos, images etc.

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You will notice that on each of the modules, you can add a quiz from the button provided

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Clicking on this will allow you to add either multiple choice, or true/false questions for your members to complete after taking a course

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Enrolling in a course is as simple as clicking on the enroll button in the top right of the page, if your permissions allow.

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If you have set permissions so a user cannot enroll themselves, you can manually add them from the enrollments section



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