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Community Core

  1. Live Topics

    Live Topics is a hosted live chat and question-and-answer event that is converted into a forum topic upon completion. It combines the fun and togetherness of a live event with the permanence of a forum topic allowing you to continue the conversation long after the event has ended.  This guide shows the setup and usage of Live Topics on your community.   Permissions Live topics can be used by any moderator that has the relevant moderator permissions set. These can be s
  2. Courses & Lessons

    If you're here, you will want to know about our courses, and all it has to offer within the Invision platform. Courses is a lightweight learning platform, that will allow you to provide a simple learning experience for your users. Helping to deliver training, digest important information, and validation of that retained information by the use of quizzes. Creating and Settings Courses and related global settings are set up from the your AdminCP at the following location
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