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Introduction to languages

Language support

The IPS Community Suite is fully translatable and can support any language. By default, only English (US) is provided with an installation, but other languages can be added by:

  • Downloading ready-made language packs from our Marketplace
  • Creating your own language pack


What do language packs cover?

A language pack controls:

  • The language that the interface appears in
  • The formatting of numbers and dates (locale-dependent)
  • The text direction (left-to-right, or right-to-left)
  • Allows you to translate certain admin-created content, such as forum names, member group titles and so forth



The locale you choose for a language primarily determines the number and date formatting that the suite applies.

Although each language you have installed in your community has an associated locale, the locale is chosen separately. This is because a language can often be used in more than one locale; for example, English is used in the United States and United Kingdom, although these are different locales with different date formatting.

If necessary or desirable, you can install the same language pack several times and choose a different locale for each, to give users the number/date formatting that they are used to.


Multiple languages

The IPS Community Suite allows for multiple language packs to be installed at once, with users being able to choose the one they want to use.


Note: Language packs do not translate user-generated content such as forum posts; they will appear only in the language typed by the user. If you have a userbase containing speakers from several languages, one strategy is to create separate content sections (e.g. forums) for each language used, in effect creating sub-communities.

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