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Selling Advertisements In Commerce

Selling advertisement space on websites, is one of the oldest methods of generating revenue for your site. However this can still be one of the most effective in many cases. 

Our commerce application allows you to sell specific locations on your site to advertisers for periods of your own choosing.

Selling Advertising

Selling advertisement space to your visitors can easily achieved within Commerce by adding a new product within Products. See the Commerce products article for more information.

You will be able to set an expiration period for the product as well as the maximum dimensions for any banners which are uploaded when a visitor buys an ad space. This allows you control over the size and period that a banner is shown for. You can see more information on this within our commerce guide.

Any ad purchases will show up within Advertisements as a pending advertisement. This enables you to ensure that the ads are suitable for your site before showing them. You can also add an email to your created product to notify you of any new purchases, should you wish to be notified of these immediately.

When a clicks to purchase advertising space, they will be prompted to upload their advertisement image to be used, along with the URL this will lead to.


Purchasing ads

Optionally, the user can select to upload smaller versions of the advertisement image. These would then be used for devices such as tablets and mobile devices


Tablet and Mobile Ads


  Report Guide

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