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  1. Selling Subscriptions in Commerce

    A great way in which to monetize your community, can often be to sell subscriptions to your members, in exchange for Benefits around the site (or indeed off the site). The commerce application allows for this with a simple subscriptions system. It is important to know, this is meant as a walk through to show example of use. More extensive guides on commerce, and its features, can be found under the Suite Applications section on the left of this guides area. Introduction In
  2. Selling Advertisements In Commerce

    Selling advertisement space on websites, is one of the oldest methods of generating revenue for your site. However this can still be one of the most effective in many cases.  Our commerce application allows you to sell specific locations on your site to advertisers for periods of your own choosing. Selling Advertising Selling advertisement space to your visitors can easily achieved within Commerce by adding a new product within Products. See the Commerce produ
  3. Internal Advertising

    There are several methods of adding advertisements on your Community both in HTML and as image-based ads. They are placed automatically in areas of your choosing. Create Ads Advertisements can be placed on you site in either image or plain HTML in Advertisements in the AdminCP. You can add a new advertisement by clicking on the "Create new" button shown in the image above. Once you have done this you will be presented with the various options for creating an image. You can
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