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Translating using the visual language editor

Setting up the visual language editor

The easiest way to get start with translating your language pack is to use the visual language editor.

To enable visual editing, first ensure you are using the desired language. You can select a language to use in the footer of the front-end of your community.

Next, navigate to Customization -> Languages, and click the Translation Tools button in the header. In the popup window, turn on the Quick Translating option, and save the form.



Using the visual language editor

With this option enabled, you can now edit phrases that you see in the interface, both in the AdminCP and on the front-end of your community. Phrases that can be translated are highlighted when you hover over them with your mouse cursor.

To edit a phrase, click and hold for a couple of seconds. The phrase will change into a textbox that allows you to edit the characters.

Type your new phrase, then click out of the box to save your new translation.


Using the visual language editor, you can even translate content sections of your site that you have created, such as forum names & descriptions, member group names, ranks and much more.



That's all there is to it! You can make your way through your community translating phrases in this way.

There will likely be many phrases you don't see in normal use in the interface and that therefore won't be translated with the visual language editor. For those, use the standard translating interface, which we'll cover in the next step.


Turning off the visual editor

The visual editor will remain active for your whole session. To turn it off, you can either restart your browser, or navigate back to Customization -> Languages in the AdminCP, click Translation Tools and turning off the Quick Translating option.

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