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Customizing editor toolbars

Toolbars on the IPS4 editor are completely customizable - you can rearrange buttons or remove them entirely, and set permissions for which group can use which buttons.

To manage the editor toolbars, navigate to Customization -> Editor -> Toolbars in the AdminCP. On the screen you'll see a dummy editor showing your current button configuration for desktop view. 




Responsive support

IPS4 has a responsive theme, which means the same theme works on desktops, tablets and phones, and adjusts what it displays based on the available space.

Naturally, on a desktop monitor you might want to show a full range on editing options, while on a phone you might just show the essential formatting choices.

We facilitate this by offering three editor configurations that you can independently change, ensuring the appropriate buttons are shown depending on device. The tabs shown allow you to configure these sizes.

  • Large = Desktop
  • Medium = Tablet/Small Desktop
  • Small = Phone


Reordering editor buttons

On the main screen, you see a dummy editor that shows you your current button configuration. At the bottom of the page is another toolbar that shows you the available buttons that you are not currently using.

Drag and drop buttons between these two locations to add or remove them from your toolbars. Changes you make are available instantly to users.


Changing button permissions

To restrict areas in which a button is available or to whom it is available to, click the button you want to edit on the toolbar. You'll see a simple form:


By default, buttons are available to "Everyone" and "Everywhere", but by toggling the checkboxes and selecting either groups or areas, you can change this here.

Note: some buttons, such as bold, italics and underline, have old-style BBCode equivalents. Removing the buttons from the toolbar does not prevent these BBCodes from being used in content.


Adding toolbars & separators

You can also add new toolbars if you find the single toolbar doesn't offer enough space, and new separators if you want to keep buttons grouped by type. Simply click the buttons above the toolbar editor to add them. Separators can be dragged and dropped just like buttons once you have added them.


Reverting changes to your editor

If you want to revert back to the configuration that we provide when you install the software, click the Restore Default Configuration button at the top of the page. This resets all positioning and permissions on all editor sizes, not just the one you are currently viewing.

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