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Editor and Emoticons

  1. Introduction to the IPS4 editor

    The IPS Community Suite uses a "What you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) editor that allows for rich content in posts. Posts are composed visually - there's no longer any need to use old-fashioned approaches like BBCode. The editor we use is an extended version of CKEditor, the leading WYSIWYG web editor. As such, you have access to the wide range of plugins and themes available for CKEditor, and you can install them easily to use them in your community. We'll cove
  2. Managing emoticons

    The IPS Community Suite ships with a collection of our iconic emoticons, and from version 4.1 onwards, they are retina-compatible (meaning high-resolution versions are used on displays that support them). It's also possible to add new emoticons, either individually or as new sets, to customize your community. Emoticons are used either by clicking the emoticon button in the editor and clicking the emoticon you'd like to use, or by typing the short code, which is th
  3. Customizing editor toolbars

    Toolbars on the IPS4 editor are completely customizable - you can rearrange buttons or remove them entirely, and set permissions for which group can use which buttons. To manage the editor toolbars, navigate to Customization -> Editor -> Toolbars in the AdminCP. On the screen you'll see a dummy editor showing your current button configuration for desktop view.     
  4. Adding editor buttons with plugins

    Since the editor in IPS4 uses CKEditor, the full range of plugins is available for you to install. If there's an editor feature you wish you had, check out their plugin repository and see if a ready-made plugin is available. Note: Currently we only support plugins that add a button to the CKEditor toolbar. Please don't install plugins that add other kinds of functionality or they may cause problems for your community.   &
  5. Adding custom editor buttons

    If an existing CKEditor plugin isn't available that meets your needs, another alternative that may be suitable is to create a custom button.   What can custom buttons do? Custom buttons allow you to create blocks of HTML that are inserted by clicking a button on the editor toolbar. The blocks you create can accept content that users can enter. Custom buttons don't have the capabilities of a
  6. Adjusting editor settings

    A few global editor settings are available for you (as the administrator) to configure for your community. To edit them, navigate to Customization -> Editor -> Settings in the AdminCP. General settings Paste Behavior By default, in IPS 4.1 onwards, when a user pastes formatted content (that is, content copied from elsewhere that contains HTML formatting such as bold, italics etc.), a bar appears in the editor
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