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Migrating From Another Platform

  1. Installing the converters

    Installing the IPS4 converter package is the same as installing any other of our application into the suite. You do this by uploading a fresh set of files from your client area, and then installing from System>Site Features>Applications, as shown in the images below. Applies to cloud customers only If you are a cloud customer please contact support who will be able to advise further on conversion options. Where to get them The first thing that you will need to
  2. Before you start

    In order to ensure that you get a good conversion, its always wise to check a few things over, and ensure that you are fully in a position to convert your site to the Invision Community software. Below are a few things that you should check prior to getting started with your conversion Applies to cloud customers only Feel free to read through this guide, as some items will still be useful in preparing your current installation, such as ensuring you clean up your data. However in the ca
  3. Running the conversion

    Whilst the conversion process itself can take a while on a large system, and can appear complicated, the process is actually quite simple to do. In my example below, I will be starting the conversion of another Invision community database into a new installation of the Invision community software. The process itself is very similar for any conversion. So for example, if you are converting from a vbulletin installation, or a xenforo installation, the process is the same. The only difference is th
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