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Setting up your departments

The first thing you will need to ensure that you set up within commerce will be your departments. These are required for the system to function, and will be the area in which your tickets will be organised. You may have seen commerce departments already when you submit a ticket to our own ticket system here.

You will find the area for setting up departments within the following location in your admin CP. Commerce>Support>Settings>Departments . When opening this up, you will see a screen similar to the below.


To set up a new department, click on the "create new" button within the top right. Note that if you already have a department which is similar to this, you can duplicate an existing department using the duplicate icon next to the line in question.

In the first half of the Department setup screen, you will set up the name, an associated email address if one is used, whether to allow submissions (for example this may be an escalation department which does not allow direct submission), and the text you would like your customers to see when submitting here. 


Moving further down the page, you will see that there are various other attributes which you can add to the departments. These are as follows:

  • Submission Charge - This will allow you to charge an amount to the customer in order to have their ticket submitted to this department. It may be that you wish them to pay for a higher priority of support for example.
  • Associable Products - Here you can set products which can be associated with this submission. We actually use this ourselves to allow people to associate their client license with a ticket.
  • Require an associated purchase - This will allow you to force the above so than an association has to be made.
  • Staff that can view - This will allow you to limit the staff who can see this department

Once these are set up, you will be able to see these departments within the support requests screen. This will be discussed further in a later step.


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