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Setting up your email

Within the commerce system, you can use incoming email to receive tickets, rather than using the client area if you wish to do so. These can be received via various different methods, depending on your needs, and will also allow for the receiving of tickets from different emails.

Incoming Email

You can set these up from the following location within your admin CP. Commerce>Support>Settings>Incoming Emails

Once you are here you will see a screen similar to the below where you are given 2 options for the type of email you wish to set up.



Piping would be the preferred method if you have the access within your server. Piping allows for emails to be directed to a php file where they will be directly processed by the support system. This is something you will need to set up on your server, to point the emails to the following location

http://yourinstallationlocation.com/applications/core/interface/incomingemail/piping.php email@example.com

There are some basic instructions shown on the piping page to set this up within cpanel. If you use another panel (or in fact no panel at all) you would need to contact your hosting provider for assistance in setting this up.



If you do not have access to use the piping method, you can instead set up pop3 instead. To do this, select the pop3 method and fill in the relevant details from your email provider



Outgoing Email

You can set these up from the following location within your admin CP. Commerce>Support>Settings>Outgoing Emails

Within this section you can set the outgoing email format, which can be one of the following

  • Normal Email - This is general email which would be sent out, without branding.
  • Branded Email - This would contain a branded wrapper to your emails. More advanced users can amend the wrapper to your emails within Customization>Appearance>Emails.

You can also set who the emails are set to come from, whether this be the name of the person, the department, or something else.

You will also notice in here that you can set a "Send received confirmation?" setting. Switching this setting on will mean  that your users will get an email back when they create a ticket, whether this be through the client area, or by email.


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