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Internal Advertising

There are several methods of adding advertisements on your Community both in HTML and as image-based ads. They are placed automatically in areas of your choosing.

Create Ads

Advertisements can be placed on you site in either image or plain HTML in Advertisements in the AdminCP.

You can add a new advertisement by clicking on the "Create new" button shown in the image above. Once you have done this you will be presented with the various options for creating an image. You can either enter HTML code or you can click "Upload Images" in order to upload an ad image.

In the example below, you will see you can chose to enter separate HTML code to appear on secure pages.




Once you have added your image or advertisement code, you can then choose the location and permissions for your advert to be shown. You can select more than one location for an ad to show and criteria for when and how long to show the ad.

When using Google Adsense adverts you may notice that page navigation no longer works as expected. This is caused by Google requiring that adverts are not loaded using AJAX. To resolve this issue you can disable AJAX pagination using the built in theme settings.



Should you wish to disable an advert at any time, you can do this by clicking the "Enabled" text in the list, which will then change to "Disabled"



Manual Ad Placement

You can put advertisements in several pre-defined locations but it is also possible to create additional locations which you can insert by modifying the HTML code for your community or use in the Pages application.

First, create your advertisement as normal. For the "Show the advertisement" setting, select "Define your own location" and enter a key into the box (it can be whatever you like). You can then later use the same key for other advertisements that you want to show in this location.

Now you will need to insert a special tag in the HTML code where you want the advertisement to show. The code to insert is:


Replace "KEY" with whatever key you used.

In your theme

Go to Themes and click the "Edit HTML and CSS" button for your default theme. The specific template you need to edit and where to make the change depends on where you want the advertisement to show. For this example, if you wanted the advertisement to show in the profile under the header, go to the core -> front -> profile -> profileHeader template and insert the code at the very bottom.

Since each theme has its own HTML templates, you will now need to repeat this for each theme.

In pages or blocks

The tag can be inserted in a page, block or template within the Pages application. Simply insert the tag wherever you want the advertisement to show.

Selling Advertising

Selling advertisement space to your visitors can easily achieved within Commerce by adding a new product within Products. See the Commerce products article for more information.

You will be able to set an expiration period for the product as well as the maximum dimensions for any banners which are uploaded when a visitor buys an ad space. This allows you control over the size and period that a banner is shown for. You can see more information on this within our commerce guide.

Any ad purchases will show up within Advertisements as a pending advertisement. This enables you to ensure that the ads are suitable for your site before showing them. You can also add an email to your created product to notify you of any new purchases, should you wish to be notified of these immediately.

When a clicks to purchase advertising space, they will be prompted to upload their advertisement image to be used, along with the URL this will lead to.


Purchasing ads

Optionally, the user can select to upload smaller versions of the advertisement image. These would then be used for devices such as tablets and mobile devices


Tablet and Mobile Ads

Control when Ads Show

Using the responsive CSS classes available in IPS4, it is possible to set your ads up so that different content displays depending on the device size.

This only applies to ads you create yourself. If you use an ad service (such as Google Adsense), you should find out how that service supports responsive ads.

For example:

<div class='ipsResponsive_showDesktop ipsResponsive_showTablet ipsResponsive_block'>
  This ad shows on desktop and tablets, but *not* phones
<div class='ipsResponsive_showPhone ipsResponsive_block'>
  This ad shows on phones, but *not* desktop and tablets

Ads in email

Introducts in version 4.4 of the Invision Community platform, is the ability to show your ads within your community emails, as well as on your site. Within the same email section, you will see an Email Advertisements tab, where you can ad advertisements which will only show within emails.

Ads within Emails can be restricted to only show within specific email types. As you can see in the image below, I have changed this ad only to be sent when the email is from a Topic, such as a topic reply notification.


Email Ads

Ads within Emails can be restricted to only show within specific email types. As you can see in the image below, I have changed this ad only to be sent when the email is from a Topic, such as a topic reply notification.

Edited by Marc Stridgen

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