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Using your own Domain/Sub Domain


This guide is for IPS Community in the cloud customers only. If you are a self hosted customer, this document will not apply.


Our IPS Cloud communities have a specific setup needed to apply your own Domain or Subdomain to your community. Below is an outline of each option.

Option 1. Use your own www.domain.com on your IPS Community in the Cloud.

(NOTE: This option would be used when you are using your domain only for your IPS Community in the Cloud; If you are using another software for a Home Page with another hosting provider, then use the Sub Domain method below)

a. Set your Name Servers for your domain to use our Name Servers of 


b. If you use email on this domain, please note that we do not offer email services, so if needed, please submit a support ticket to provide your own MX Records for your domain, and we will update them to point your email to your own mail provider.

Option 2.  If you would like to use a sub domain, please submit a support ticket and we will provide you with the proper CNAME that will need to be setup at your DNS. Just provide us with your desired sub domain you wish to use.



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