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Adriano Faria

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Definitely annoying - InvisionHQ indeed seems to have stopped supporting this plugin. Bug reports are not getting responded to (couple months now), all DMs are being ignored etc. 

Rather painful for those of us who have large classifieds systems running which brings in a large portion of site revenue.

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3 minutes ago, Steph Jensen said:

On top of all this, i've had to buy this twice, because it initially transitioned over to @InvisionHQ. Sounds like i'll have to disable that feature. It does put the extra features of the marketplace at risk, because we can only be sure to be able to use them , as long as the developer is still active

Let’s be fair.. you got a refund for the second purchase.

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2 minutes ago, Daniel F said:

Let’s be fair.. you got a refund for the second purchase.


I did, after asking a few times about it, and i am thankful for this!

You guys answered this faster than the support ticket about it!
Still, i got the message that this was a one time courtesy. It didn't sound like it would cover any future incidents of a developer not supporting their software.


Unfortunately, this is a risk we all assume when buying third party. With that said, as a one-time courtesy, I’ve refunded this in the form of a marketplace account credit which you can use towards other purchases


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I'm trying to figure out what happened here during my absence.

Without wishing to argue with anyone but many of you are complaining not because the app does not work but because you want things that are not advertised in the announcement.  

Now I wonder if from these, more or less valid, requests we can set up a discussion of this kind and get to talking about a vanished developer, a scam, give me back my money ...

The fact is that right now I have almost all the resources blocked in the markeplace.

IPS will have thought that after 10 years on this forum invisionHQ has decided to cheat everyone and run away.

All this is a bit surreal.

I will reflect on this, maybe it's time to get away.

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@InvisionHQ, it is not about absence itself. It is about not talking with your clients. These are some suggestions :blush::

  • Let your clients know, that you are on vacation and not available. Do it public, here in forum.
  • Create a kind of automatic reply that you send every time you get a PM. The same as above: "Sorry, I am on vacations."
  • Inform clients when you are available again, like "I'll be back on [date]". It is always easier to wait if you have a time frame.
  • React to the issues in your support topics, write anything, but write, do not ignore.

My personal negative example: I have posted a critical issue with your another app over a month ago. I have not got any answer, nor "yep, I will look into it [time frame]" neither "no, it might be critical for you, but I do not care" or just "I am on vacation now, be back [date], please do not disturb me". :rolleyes: If you try change to point of view to mine, what would you think in this situation? By the way, I have uninstalled your other app, so no need to react any more.

Disabling apps - is not a good idea. Just tell your clients when you are available again and where they should report bugs. Here? On your site? A bug tracker would be helpful to see if there are unsolved issues and how many. Also to see how often you address the bugs. The issues in support topics are often overlooked.

Edited by Sonya*
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Thanks for suggestions @Sonya*, I'll keep them in mind for the future.

I have already written that not communicate about my absence in June it's my fault, but here no one "abandons" things.

I'm here from the 2008 (maybe before with another account) with my apps and plugins.

Keep writing about "abandonments" is not only offensive but also quite unfair and false.

Now, can you please tell me your problem with "CLASSIFIEDS"? 

this is a support topic for this app and I'm really rested and ready to help!!

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@InvisionHQ you say the reactions are exaggerated. ? are you joking ?

You didn't reply to this Classifieds support topic since 2 months, you didnt reply to anyone  by PM or emails since several months

and you say the reactions are exaggerated ???

You must be joking !!!

We are your clients who gave you money and trusted you, we rely on the app support because it's our business, by disappearing during several months as you did, you put our businesses in danger ! do you realize that ?

If you want to leave in holidays for two months, good for you, but then, inform your clients and ask another IPS dev to support the app !!

If you leave 3 days, even one week, it's ok, but 2 months !!! that's what i find totally exaggerated !

even in your own support board, you reply to your clients 3 months later : ex :


So now, the question is : can we trust you in the future ? as we all need here a reliable professional support

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@Murena What's your problem with my app? 

I'm curious.

The lack of communication was a mistake, but then again,

there are no problems here and you are not a Classifieds customer and you post a link of my forum where

a user ask "how upgrade an app?" and not your app not works.

P.S. I was away 1 month not two months.

Edited by InvisionHQ
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13 hours ago, Steph Jensen said:

for a feature that charges a running fee

Look at changelog of the app, you can see many works here, that's why there are a renewal fee.

And we are talking about 20$ / year.

9 Releases on 2018,

4 in the first quarter of this year.


I'm back from two days and I read only philosophies but no specific request for help.

What happened to all the urgencies that caused the scandal?

and why are users coming out complaining and they are not even my customers?

Please post in this topic only for support request.

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On 7/1/2019 at 1:36 PM, InvisionHQ said:

Now I wonder if from these, more or less valid, requests we can set up a discussion of...

I don't want to beat a dead horse, but you did mention setting up a discussion about this, and now you don't want to discuss other things than support requests.
People are not angry because of your app, issues, bugs, missing features etc. They are angry because you left them hanging, without knowing if you EVER would come back. Each day you were gone + each day you didn't reply, they didn't know if you would be back ever, so they begin fearing that their business model is dying.

What did you expect people to do? You say it yourself, that you have been active for so long, and supportive for so long and then you suddenly aren't. It's very likely that something has happened.

Yes most support requests might be people not knowing how to use it, or asking for things it can't but i expect that this must a large part of your support routine anyway, and is equally important for people to be told that it can't do this and that, as fixing bugs.

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