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  1. What are the options for making an IPS community into Apps for Android and Apple?
  2. I don't want to beat a dead horse, but you did mention setting up a discussion about this, and now you don't want to discuss other things than support requests. People are not angry because of your app, issues, bugs, missing features etc. They are angry because you left them hanging, without knowing if you EVER would come back. Each day you were gone + each day you didn't reply, they didn't know if you would be back ever, so they begin fearing that their business model is dying. What did you expect people to do? You say it yourself, that you have been active for so long, and supportive for so long and then you suddenly aren't. It's very likely that something has happened. Yes most support requests might be people not knowing how to use it, or asking for things it can't but i expect that this must a large part of your support routine anyway, and is equally important for people to be told that it can't do this and that, as fixing bugs.
  3. I think @Murena's rand is valid,especially for a feature that charges a running fee. I expect that the fee is for support. For me it was not so urgent or even important, but i am sure that some people out there depend on this.
  4. My guess is that because people haven't heard from you in here since late April and that you haven't posted about going on vacation, that maybe you had left, given up or died.
  5. I did, after asking a few times about it, and i am thankful for this! You guys answered this faster than the support ticket about it! Still, i got the message that this was a one time courtesy. It didn't sound like it would cover any future incidents of a developer not supporting their software.
  6. On top of all this, i've had to buy this twice, because it initially transitioned over to @InvisionHQ. Sounds like i'll have to disable that feature. It does put the extra features of the marketplace at risk, because we can only be sure to be able to use them , as long as the developer is still active
  7. I can confirm that there is no reply to messages too. Do developers not commit to supporting their extentions when they charge a recuring fee?
  8. Thanks @opentype I want to create a blog feed but somehow limit it to filter the posts that get listed so that i (or a team of editors) can decide what posts should be listed. Do you have any ideas/tips to create such a feed?
  9. Can i use superblocks for to create a block with a feed from "our picks" ?
  10. @Adriano Faria did you just remove that description from the sale page? I clearly went there to copy/paste the desctioption text, because i was in doubt if it was something that i remember wrongly, but now it isn't there?
  11. I am looking for the "external advert link" feature mentioned on the sales page of this app. Where can i find this option in the settings?
  12. A quick question. I have set this up with no commerce. So users can use it with out having to pay anything to sell things. Still, when they renew theirs ads, it says that an invoice will be created, and the ad will be renewed once it has been cleared. Is there a way to disable this notification if the price for renewing (or creating) an ad is zero?
  13. I have sent you a message with ACP info
  14. Kassandra, how did you get this to work? i get the same error, but for each category, i have already specified what types, conditions, packages etc i want for each category... its a bit wierd
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