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  1. For me, conversations are between two parties/people, and might be confused to messages. Thats why i called them Discussions. But if Forum is not a problem for your community, i don't see any reason why to change it - it would be very interesting to see if activity in the forum increased after renaming them! Also, a tip - renaming the lable was one small part of this. I went through the language file, and replaced all Forum with Discussion, forums with discussions, forum to discussion etc. Took a little time, but was worth it. Only place that users see the word forum now is in the URL and i don't think they notice
  2. I have gone with Discussion, and did last time i tried to launch the site. A forum would simply not work, because users think a forum is a forum, and will relate it to the simple freeware forums that you can find hosted for free. That said, i let users create Forums in their clubs, because they seem to think it is a useful tool.
  3. Thanks for the super fast reply! Where are those settings? I am using the default IPS theme, but i don't understand how this looks allright with the other blocks and not on this block. Is is a setting for the block or for the site? That said, i actually better like the way the block looks when i use the uper_blocks record feed instead. It fits to the rest of the blocks better, but is there a way to make the image used, higher quality (and maybe crop 22:9) ?
  4. I have just installed the Pages Supergrid, and love how nice it has made my articles page, but the block for the front page seems a bit off compared to the other blocks from you. Can you check it for me and confirm that something is broken and what i may have done wrong? Notice how the pages block (the one with the orange highlights, has no title, seems to have some padding, so that it does not go all the way to the edge and also has some text at the buttom, that exceeds the container it is in? I realised that if i use the Super_blocks record feed instead, then this looks much better, and it corrects the issues, but the images are then really low quality, and cropped too much
  5. I've rebooted my site, and now looking at setting clubs up. I already have bought Clubs Enhancements but now i see that you also sell this app called Improved Clubs. Is this any differen than clubs enhancements, do they work well together, and should i buy both or is Clubs enhancements enough?
  6. Thanks @Dean_ I'll have a look into those. This is exactly why i thought a community like that would be great. I too don't have time to be active in different discord servers, individual forums (for each league or series) and maybe even team or club. I wanted one place where i could just join in on any series, league or race without having to create a new profile, present myself and start all over again.
  7. I'm looking for people who love racing online, to help me build and be a part of a site that allows users to run their series, leagues etc. I think IPS is a pretty good platform for this, but after launching my first attempt, i realize that i need more people to me part of this project, to make it work. Any sim racers around who'd like to be part of building, and running this!?
  8. Hi! i want to update my subscription to the Liva theme, but i only get an option to buy it. But i have already bought it. What do i do?

    1. Steph Jensen

      Steph Jensen

      Nevermind. I found a renew link through my manage purchases section.
      But your site is down, and I can't create a support ticket. Can you help me through PB or email?
      I've got a broken site that seems to be because of the theme

  9. I need a little advice from you guys I've set up a site for virtual racers. This is basically racing cars online. There is huge activity in this area, so i thought that an IP board would be a good platform to gather: Groups, clubs, teams, leagues, series etc Let people promote videos, pictures, guides, setups etc Create discussions, grouped by the platform/game they use Help people arrange races, depending on what type of car, track, skill level, platform/game or timezone they are on There are literally endless options here, for a community to expand very fast, but it has failed, so i need your advice on what to do. I initially launched the site with more or less all features open to everybody. I pretty quickly got 50 users, but most of them inactive. It has slowly grown to 100 users, but still very inactive. I have thought of closing down the site and relaunching it, but this time only opening up sections/and features over time. My thoughts at the moment, are to open up blogs, and let teams/groups/leagues sign up for one blog, where they write about their news, updates, races etc. This will make it feel more exclusive and might make it more attractive in the long run. I love the clubs feature, but i think this would have to wait until a few years from now, when activity is a lot higher. At the moment, i have people creating clubs, when they instead should have made a blog, or people making clubs, without really needing one. Many users love taking pictures of cars or painting cars. I would have thought the gallery feature would have been great for this, but users totally miss the idea of it, and it is never used. Any tips or ideas on what works when launching a community site, would be highly apreciated, because launching the site, and letting people lose on it, does not seem to work
  10. Seems like Stripe is dropping Bitcoin: https://www.recode.net/2018/1/23/16924518/stripe-bitcoin-payments-reversal
  11. I don't know if this is intentional, or not the way it is supposed to work, but after promoting a quiz, should it not be shown in the "our picks" list?
  12. Excellent, thanks! just a few suggestions then - maybe only display the "create a quiz" inside the categories? Also, if i only have one category, for all quizes, then the quiz page looks a bit strange with only one box/listing I am sure that this will get better the more quizesshow up, but to start with, it'll look a bit strange and empty imo... All in all, i am very optimistic for this feature though!
  13. I just bought this and trying to figure things out (it seems to be pretty solid by the way!) I have not set any requirements for any member groups for it, but i still get this when i try to create a quiz. The only thing i can see might be wrong, is that i don't use categories, but try to creat a quiz at the "root" of the quiz app?
  14. Any chance you'll be adding clubs as an option to where a notice should be displayed?
  15. Can you explain to me why the later idea is so toxic? I've talked to a few about it, and none seem to be interested in working on that..Is it really that complicated to work on, or simply not enough potential to sell to others?
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