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  1. I am trying to transition from wordpress to IPS, but i am really missing the formating options and block styles available on Wordpress. Is there any plug-in that allows blog posts to use blocks similar to the Gutenberg/Elementor blocks used on Wordpress, or any similar solutions that would add the same functionality? EDIT: it seems like elementor can be intergrated with mostly everything, and that developers are encouraged to do so. Has anyone in here tried to work with it?
  2. I am currently running my community off discord, but want to add IPS as a platform where users from discord can add content, and run their own blog, share files etc. Would this integration be useful for me? I read that it can synchronise roles and users from the website to discord but i am moving the other way around. Do you have any advice on what and how i can use it in my case?
  3. Thanks! I tried this, but it doesnt work as expected. Can you confirm that this is correct? The reasom why i am in doubt, is that the actual URL of the post, does not include the index.php? part. It just goes ...alracing.com/blogs/entry/59-24hrs-for-...
  4. Is there a way to create a custom url to a specific blog post? I was speculating about doing one through DNS and redirect to the blog post url, but i expect that if i did it this way, i would miss out on a lot of statistics like where clicks came from? Any tips?
  5. What are the options for making an IPS community into Apps for Android and Apple?
  6. I noticed this drop down when posting a blog post, but it is empty when i click on it, even though i have created a bunch of albums. Bellow the dropdown, it says: You can associate an album from the Gallery with this entry to display images alongside the entry content How does this work? It seems like i can show a gallery along with a blog post but how do i do this? Also, can it work the other way around to assign a blog post to a gallery?
  7. When creating a blog post, there is an field called Album. This says: But how does this work? When i click on it, it has not albums, and i can't sellect an album. Ideally, i would want a list of specific albums to show up here, depending on the blog, so that the images posted along with the post, also get posted on the gallery (or maybe visa versa). Any tips or ideas to get this working right?
  8. @Adriano Faria this is awesome thank you so much! Works like a charm!
  9. I have included videos in the description of some of the files over in the Downloads section of the site. These usually just show in the text with a player, but this one version does not. Any idea what i should be looking at? This is the one not working. There is only a player with white screen, but with sound https://allvirtualracing.com/files/file/17-sim-racing-guys/ This is one of many that work just fine: https://allvirtualracing.com/files/file/16-dale-trickle/
  10. The blog description, shows above each blog, but half of it is hidden behind a "read more" button than when clicked on, slides downwards, to reveal the rest of the description. Is there a way to have this description always be expanded?
  11. So i want to make a blog, and let the "Pros" of the niche that that my site is about, post their news, projects, specials etc. I am pretty sure how to set the blog up, but i am in doubt of how to manage the users who have access to post to it. I have looked into letting a group manage a blog, but i only want them to be able to post in it, not manage it. How should i do this? Also, is there a cool way for users to apply to get access to post to the blog, or is the only way, to have them contact an admin or moderator, to get access?
  12. I recently added the gallery feature to the site, and I am trying to get people to use it. When i link to it, i simply copy the URL that looks like this: https://allvirtualracing.com/index.php?/gallery/ But when i visit the posted link (in Facebook) it will go to this and that is not the gallery but i guess it forwards to the front page because of the % signs. https://allvirtualracing.com/index.php?%2Fgallery%2F= Am i doing something wrong?
  13. Thanks for this! Do you know if it has a setting in the admin backend, or do i have to edit the CSS file directly?
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