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  1. Would this be easy to install on forum? Has anyone done this or maybe used another voice message solution? thanks
  2. OMG, I would LOVE that feature!!!
  3. Looking to change the default classified image. I know I changed it a couple years ago by changing this image >> images/noimage.png Its still on the server but its not changing the default image to the new one I posted a while ago.. Thank for any help you can give me.
  4. @opentype Thank you for your help
  5. I have guests able to post with admin approval. Since the update, there is a broken image when guests post and also when they write on their form. The image address is 84c1e40ea0e759e3f1505eb1788ddf3c_default_photo.png I tried to upload an image with that name and that didn't see teem to work. Any help is much appreciated
  6. Is there setting to change the event category after it is posted? There are a few on my calendar that guests have posted and they selected the wrong category.. thank you
  7. I started to upgrade and this came up and I'm not sure what to do next since they are not compatible ?? I did back-up on these files shown below... should I just continue on with upgrade or do something else? Thank you for any feedback
  8. I haven't updated this plugin lately, but I wanted to know if the location was ever fixed for the places that are listed as a venue. I just found this today. I If you are listed as a venue , your EVENT LOCATION is not listed in the topic.
  9. All of my members just use the youtube url for posting videos, so autoplay doesn't hurt or affect my board. I use a hidden youtube autoplay code for advertising, playing music & music trivia on posts.... , so I am wondering if auto play can be enabled by editing code somewhere??? thanks for any feedback
  10. So this is normal?? @InvisionHQ or you are going to ignore it?
  11. How do you un-due a club membership that was denied by owner /admin. I denied a member by mistake and can not find the solution of allowing member to join club again.... thank you for any help
  12. Here is what I just got from support.... I will now post it on Club Enhancements support page.. Hello, It looks like you're utilizing a third party plugin "Club Enhancements" which is allowing you to add these extra menu items to Clubs. Unfortunately, as this is a third party plugin, we do not offer support and you will need to contact the author for further assistance. Thanks, Jim M. Invision Power Services, Inc.
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