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  1. @Andy135 Thanks for your help diagnosing this.

    For those of you having this problem, please be sure you are on the latest version of Invision Community. Older versions are on the old PHP7 array which is no longer receiving updates because PHP7 itself is end of life. This is starting to cause some odd performance and reliability problems that our monitoring is having trouble detecting.

  2. @opentype Good idea. 

    12 minutes ago, Dreadknux said:

    I had a question with that in mind; would it be possible (or can there be scope to add, in a future update) to connect or build a link/database relationship between Gallery albums and records in a Pages database? Either by allowing custom fields in gallery albums or some other method?

    I think something like that is probably possible now with some custom code but a future update could make it a lot easier. 

  3. 11 hours ago, marklcfc said:

    I've had it at 30 seconds for the past 5 years, I suppose I didn't completely understood how it worked. My impression was that guests cached page would update every 30 seconds, if I had it for 5 minutes then it would only update every 5 minutes and they wouldn't see the latest posts.

    Yes, you have it right but with only a 30 second cache time you are getting no benefit. You would do better to have no caching.

    The old guest page caching would:

    1. Check MySQL DB if cache exists
    2. See it is expired, delete from MySQL
    3. Render a page as normal
    4. Insert row in MySQL with rendered output
    5. Serve to browser

    You could have skipped all but step 3. A CDN will of course skip all steps because it never hits your actual server.

  4. On 10/28/2022 at 9:30 AM, marklcfc said:

    I set it to 30 seconds else guests ended up not seeing the latest posts for 5 minutes. 

    Does this mean guests will not see the latest posts on cloudflare now? if so it’s not an option  

    Honestly, if you only ever had it set to 30 seconds your site will actually be faster if you did nothing. Our old guest page caching added overhead to your server. With a cache timeout of just 30 seconds your server was working harder than it would than if you just served pages directly.

    I would still recommend a CDN but you should be fine either way and your MySQL will be on vacation.

  5. We are hosting our first live video stream to chat about our October release.

    This is a trial we are doing to see if everyone likes it and may start doing them with each release. 

    Since it's a trial, please forgive us if we mess up or are otherwise awkward 🙂 

    Feel free to post questions in the comments on the Event entry and we will try to cover some in the video.




  6. Just now, Kirill N said:

    That makes it the Invision-preferred solution or upgrade-friendly solution, not the right one.

    Saying that it’s the right solution because it makes upgrades easier is like saying that cutting off your arm is the right solution to losing body weight.


    But clearly I’m in the minority here and the Invision stuff will (rightfully) do whatever they please so arguing is pointless. This new version just isn’t for me.

    We didn't make this up 🙂 we modeled it after literally every SaaS service out there.

    I might submit that an "upgrade-friendly solution" is 100% what we should always choose.

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