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Posts posted by Charles

  1. We are deploying updates to our backend cache layer today. This change should see decreased latency for logged in members. While a small change, multiplied over every click for every member it will make a noticeable difference.

    This change does not impact guests/bots (those not logged in) as those views are handled by the CDN.

    You may see up to 10 minutes of slowness at some point today while the change deploys.

  2. Just now, Chris027 said:

    Hi Charles, I've created folders in the pages media ares of AdminCP. I see that the folders aren't duplicated in the Pages Media directory on my server. Is this on purpose and could it lead to issues with tons of files in the same directory down the road? 

    The folders are just for human organization. The system still saves the files as it sort of sees fit on the backend.

  3. 4 minutes ago, Randy Calvert said:

    Replying to a question I asked on who can ask questions.

    When you click on a question in the sidebar...

    Could contain: Accessories, Gemstone, Jewelry, Text

    It filters the display to just that question and answers to it, but it does not set the reply to automatically be to the question.  It instead is a generic comment.  

    Good catch.

  4. When creating a live event with video, what platforms are supported? (Zoom, Webex, Google video, Facebook live?)

    What we do right now is live stream our Zoom sessions to YouTube Live. We then embed the YouTube Live link in our Live Topics here. You can use any video system but we currently only support YouTube for the automatic syncing timestamp in video.

  5. 33 minutes ago, marklcfc said:

    The unlimited page views is nice addition today but I have a custom database and sometimes I need to download, edit and reupload php files and images for that database, likewise things like placing ads.txt in the home directory. Having no access to the files is such a restriction even if I wanted to move.

    Hopefully the new GraphQL system and future JS option will make the need for PHP unnecessary 🙂 

    We are trying to get to the point where "writing a PHP script" will not be necessary even if you want to extend the system to do all sorts of custom stuff.

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