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Posts posted by Charles

  1. 12 minutes ago, Square Wheels said:

    For 2 of 3 of mine, this seems cheaper if I keep my license up.

    What happens if funds are low and I let it lapse for a few months?  I do this sometimes.  Do I start paying again at that time?


    If you choose to change to the new pricing, it depends in you go with monthly or annual renewals. If annual is your choice and you don’t renew, you can pick up your annual renewal later. If monthly is your choice and you don’t renew, you can either switch to annual or catch up your missed monthly payments. 

  2. 24 minutes ago, SJ77 said:

    Kudos to whomever developed this solution! Thank you for not giving up on the self hosted version!!! 

    Actually, several clients were invited to a private feedback group and have been giving us feedback for the past several months on how best to re-approach Invision Community Classic. Our goal was to make self-hosting viable for the future.

  3. Just now, All Astronauts said:

    Any chance these can remain "parked" until I activate them for actual use and then the "keep up with renewals or else" stuff kicks in? I'd hate for these licenses I paid for to go extinct for lack of use (rather than in-use but lagging on renewals). If the current opt-in thing for the new way stays in place for all these oldies; then I think were good because I can just "opt-in" when they go active; but getting clarity here would be nice. I think this is/was clarified above... still gonna ask about this specific use (non-use) case.

    We do not have any plans at the moment to force the new license term changes on existing clients so nothing would change for you.

  4. 1 hour ago, DawPi said:

    So for example - one one my licences has 150$/6months. After change it will be 199$ instead of 300$ per year, correct?

    Yes, and you will also get a free extension on your next renewal date.

    1 hour ago, SJ77 said:

    To simplify the whole thing, I believe it boils down to this:

    Old licenses can be renewed anytime. This allows people to lapse and only renew if there are new features or software fixes they want to grab. Then they can let it lapse again for a few years. 

    New licenses are a bit cheaper (for most) but require ongoing maintenance in the form of regular subscription fees. There is really no way to allow it to lapse as, one would be forced to catch up or buy the whole suite again at full price. 

    Thus: allowing IPS to continue to support "classic self hosted" licenses while also having a more dependable income stream from this offering similar to how cloud customers must pay on an ongoing basis. This allows a win win situation for those who really want / need IPS to continue offering self hosted options.

    IS that about accurate?

    For me, since I have been regularly paying my license (since 2014 ?), I see pretty much only upside. Unless there is another catch I am missing.


    That's about right 🙂 

    And if you were paying that regularly that long, it should factor that in on your free renewal date extension.

  5. Just to clarify:

    The new purchase prices are only for new purchases.

    If you want to switch to the new pricing terms (for many clients it will be a better deal), you can do this in the client area. You will also be given several months of free time on your license calculated on your past loyalty. View the page for full details as the terms may vary.

    If you do not want to switch to the new pricing terms, there's no need to do anything or even pay any attention to this right now.

  6. 28 minutes ago, Askancy said:

    why do you have to FORCE me to pay more

    We're not. Not only are we not FORCING you to do anything, we are not even ASKING you to 🙂 

    We launched these new pricing options days ago and nothing changed then and, now that you have noticed, still nothing has changed. Right now, this literally only impacts new purchases. For existing clients, do nothing unless you want to. For some clients it's a really good deal and they save money but it's up to you.

  7. 6 hours ago, beats23 said:

    I have the Extras, Branding Removal $500. Will this extra be carried over to IPS v5 and the new licencing, or will I need to purchase it again in IPS v5?

    Yes, it will.


    If anyone has questions about your specific scenario, please reach out to us via email.

    We changed the pricing structure to make Invision Community Classic more affordable for most people and give them access to more features. Most clients will see their cost go down. I know some, especially those that might have only one or two apps, will see their cost go up if they choose to go to the new license terms. However, you are getting a whole lot more and it's also waaaaaay simpler for you and us both to just have one cost rather than all the mixing and matching we did before.

  8. 3 minutes ago, JustinHawk said:

    Licenses that expire without payment will immediately lose access to support, upgrades, spam prevention, geo location, and more. Reinstating a license will require catching up on any missed monthly payments or pay a full year renewal. Licenses not renewed after 24 months will be expired permanently and cannot be renewed, but you may purchase a new license for full price.


    Would like some better clarification on Reinstating a license terms, so we pay for all missed payment if selected monthly like a loan/emi payments? 

    That is right and we recognize that's a change but we had to make this change. One huge area of abuse on the old way was people not renewing for 3 years, paying $50, and then getting 3 years worth of new software.

    The monthly option is a payment plan for the yearly. You can of course switch to yearly at any time.

    Just now, Adriano Faria said:

    @Matt @Charles

    Wherever it is, Client Area ou Account Credit page (from marketplace)… something to make it easy and faster. I’d rather pay the monthly license renewal with account credit than with credit card.

    I hear you but they are totally separate systems for business and tax purposes so that's... hard 🙂 

  9. 6 minutes ago, Nathan Explosion said:

    Thanks Charles - I'll have to take that as I need to click the button then to get access to v5 though (that's me, personally...others can make there own minds up) as if v5 self-hosted has no separation of applications then I don't see any other answer.

    Based on that, a request...announce stuff instead of hiding it away. Seriously...I would have absolutely jumped at this if you had given forewarning considering my impending renewal.

    There's no announcement as there's nothing here that impacts any existing clients at the moment so nothing really to know. If you do happen to see it, you can read the info in client area, but if you do not then there's no impact to you.

    At some point I am sure we will do a bigger announcement but not until it ever gets more impactful. So for now you don't really have to do anything at all.

  10. 1 hour ago, Adriano Faria said:

    So now I pay $150 at every 6 months. With the new model, will I pay $199 per year? Is that right?

    Correct. So you would pay $199/year instead of $300.

    Edit: Or $19/month. You can choose your option.

    It should also give you credit for your history with your current license type and offer you at least a few months free 🙂

    55 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

    Also, isn’t Downloads missing in this listing?

    Yes, that's been fixed.


    13 minutes ago, Joel R said:

    This screenshot also says you're getting "Live Topics" and "Real Time Features" on classic. 

    The page can really benefit from some proofreading, before it causes any more confusion.  

    Those were greyed-out but I can see how that would be confusing.


    For those of you asking about your current license or v5: you can keep your current license as is and v5 does not yet exist so nothing to report on that just yet.

  11. 32 minutes ago, DawPi said:



    Could contain: Page, Text, File


    I don't need all these applications, how can I buy it with my choosen apps only as it was before?


    We no longer sell Invision Community Classic with individual applications. This is in preparation for v5 where there will no longer be a separation for the "applications" like there is now. It will just be all bundled together and more tightly integrated.

    Old pricing for full Invision Community Classic was $850 upfront and $300 per year.

    New pricing is $499 upfront and $199 per year.

    You can reach out to sales if you have questions about pricing or options.

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