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  1. I get where you're coming from, Ditchmonkey :) ... Brandon was just saying that a benefit to having public testing on a slow server is that any performance issues in IPB3 showed up REALLY quickly and we could diagnose them. Sort of a fringe benefit.

  2. While no one is perfect, even me (shocking I know), we do try to be approachable and friendly here. Of course sometimes there are disagreements and such but we are always out to offer the services and solutions that the most people want. We are quite happy with IPB3 and are looking forward to the final release. It's not too far off now :)

  3. As was pointed out in this topic it's said all over that IPB3 requires PHP 5.

    Also, PHP 5 was released July 2005 and the PHP Group stopped supporting PHP 4 many months ago after warning everyone back in 2007 that they would. We thought that considering the PHP Group who makes PHP no longer supports PHP4 that it's a safe thing for us to no longer support it :)

  4. Thanks. I was just worried that since everyone is using the same key, then spammer might use that global key to bypass reCAPTCHA or something.

    I'm not sure how the global key works but reCAPTCHA gave it to us and said it was safe to distribute so must be good :)

  5. Thank you everyone for you input, discussion and also a big thank you to all the beta-testers for doing a good job. Charles, good that you posted the update on the RC release (for some) but again i will have to point out that me and other 'end users' who are only interested in the finished final product could probably not care less about the versions before reaching the final product.

    I for one will keep paying for the license and not interrupt my subscription for any of the above reasons coz i this IPB is the best with great support people. Aside this praising i would like to see a more transparent time schedule or external deadline communicated to us impatient end users who have no interest in Beta's and RC versions and releases.

    I understand that you are after the final release but the fact that RC is nearing is actually quite important :) It shows that the product is very nearly stable and goes toward your original question of an approximate release date of 3.0 final.

    Some seem to think that we purposely withhold release dates for fun and excitement when the reality is that, although we have internal dates in mind, announcing them just brings on confusion. For example, we can say "IPB Beta will be out by X date" but others would forget about the "beta" part and then flip out that IPB is not 100% done by that date.

    It's just safer for all if we give general ideas, like announcing RC stage, than specific dates.
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