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  1. As was pointed out we don't think they're directly copying us :) I'm sure they are reacting to IPB3 but that is just common business sense to do so.

    Of course vB's people (some more than others) will, after vB4, declare that they invented everything and we copied them :lol: but again that's just the nature of the world.

    Going to lock this so it does not turn evil.

  2. I understand plenty. I know its tough but Im just saying I would think there would have been more improvement on that by now so its not so much of a impact on the server to where it would slow ANY board down.

    I say at the very least give people the option to turn on the speed mode with search on or off. Thats all I was saying. Search is crucial to most boards. If a person needs to use the speed feature even having some things disables will help quite a bit.

    If you did understand then you would realize MySQL is just not very good at searching and you would know there's nothing we can do about that. That's why we offer Sphinx support. It is good at searching.

  3. Are you guys going to do any sort of professional security audit before final release to check for major security holes that could have been overlooked?

    We have already done some security auditing done by people outside our development staff.

  4. Removing subscriptions manager from IPB is like shooting yourself into your own leg. You are getting money which our customers pay us via subscriptions manager.

    Aaaaaaaaaactually making Subscriptions Manager an application of IPB will allow us to greatly improve it later this year independently of IPB's release schedule. SM will come out very soon after IPB3's first supported release and will be updated much like Blog/Gallery/etc. are as its own application.
  5. We have emergency support department in tickets and also an emergency phone number you can call. Just choose the right prompt when you dial in. We do have people always available in the hosting department. Feel free to PM me with your information if you cannot access either of those routes for some reason.

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